Real-World Evidence – A Market at an Inflection Point

Published June 2019, 38 Pages

The rapidly-expanding market for Real-World Data (RWD), Real-World Evidence (RWE) and supportive services is undergoing a revolutionary change.  As biopharmaceutical companies embrace RWE-based strategies, global Contract Research Organizations (CROs) will need to understand the implications to their business model and adapt strategies appropriately. 

Life Science Strategy Group´s new report provides insights from 100 professionals from small, medium, and large biopharmaceutical companies globally into the current attitudes towards RWE, its role in the product lifecycle, the current state of RWE-based strategy implementation and outsourcing and perceptions of leading providers serving the biopharma industry.  Further, the report discusses the implications of the biopharma industry’s adoption of RWE-based approaches on traditional CROs going forward.  Find out the state of the market and opinions of these thought leaders here.

Real-World Evidence – A Market at an Inflection Point
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