Patient-Centric Clinical Development April 2017

Patient-Centric Clinical Development

The idea that the recognition of the needs of an individual patient or distinct patient populations and their specific needs as the focal point in the overall design of a medicine including the targeted patients’ physiological, physical, psychological, and social characteristics is starting to restructure the product development process. Traditionally, these studies are thought to be difficult to perform due to budgetary constraints, problems recruiting the correct individuals, and challenges with patient compliance. What can CROs do to facilitate this process, thus helping more patients in a targeted fashion?

In Life Science Strategy Group’s a new report, 126 preclinical and clinical research and product development professionals from small, medium, and large biopharmaceutical companies indicate what they need to further their initiatives in patient-centric product development, and how CROs can best play their role. Find out the opinions of these thought leaders here.

Patient-Centric Clinical Development April 2017
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